Happier hours!

You’ll get not just 1, but 3 happy hours here.

Every day: 3 AM – 5 AM “in the biz”

Weekdays: 11AM – 1 PM and 4 PM – 7 PM

Great Craft Beer Selection

Where else ya gonna go!!!

Open 24 hours

Catering & Event Planning Available

Appetizers that actually whet your appetite

You’ll find the most succulent Jersey Clams and Jersey Mussels you’ve ever tasted on the appetizer menu at Ducktown Tavern and our Clams Casino are so good you won’t believe your taste buds. If you’re into wings, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with our TM Ducktown Wings, sauced then charred to perfection. Yum!

Appetizers and happy hour

Bring out your friends for drinks and appetizers during one of our THREE different happy hour times. Here at the home of Atlantic City’s first happy hour, you’ll celebrate more – every day 3 AM – 5 AM and twice more on weekdays 11 AM – 1 PM and 4 PM – 7 PM.

Great prices on beer on draught

  • Blue Moon

  • Stella Artois

  • Miller Lite

  • Heineken

  • Yuengling

  • Sam Adams

  • Sam Adams Seasonal

  • Guinness

  • Smithwicks


Ducktown Wings
Hot, BBQ, Oil & Garlic, Honey Hot or Original
10pc $9 25pc $21 45pc $37

Ducktown Chicken Tenders
Hot, BBQ, Oil & Garlic, Honey Hot or Original
(4pc) $10

Andy Wings
Fried, Sauced then Grilled
10pc $9 25pc $21 45pc $37

This and That Platter$14.50
3 poppers, 3 wings, 3 mozz stix and 2 potato skins

Crab Balls$11.50

Clams Casino$10.50

Steamed Clams or Mussels$10.50
white wine garlic, marinara or fra diavolo

Popeye’s Spinach and Cheese Dip$9.50

Golden Corn Nuggets$8.50
(15 pc): served with maple syrup or ranch dressing

Jalapeno Poppers$8.50
(5pc): cream cheese or cheddar

Mozzarella Stix$8.50

Nachos Grande$7.50
additions: chili $4, chicken $4, steak $6, or shrimp $6.
Substitute French fries for $2

Build a Basket of Fries or 0-rings$7.50
Cheese $2, chili $3, Philly chicken $4, Philly steak $5,
bacon $4-, vegetables $4, fried or raw onions free

Build Da Nachos$6.50
Cheese $2, salsa $2, chili $3, chicken $4, steak $6,
seafood $6 substitute French fries $2

Spanish Quesadilla$6.50
Chicken $4, vegetables $4, steak $6 or seafood $6

Potato Boats (3pc)$9.50
Cheese $3, chili $4, chicken $4, bacon $4,
vegetables $4,steak $5, seafood $6

Happy Hour is reserved for the BAR side only!!
Monday thru Friday:
11a – 1p, 4p – 7p, 3a – 5a.

Weekends 3a – 5a only!
Seafood and This and That are NOT included with Happy Hour

Crab Balls
Jalapeno Poppers
Spanish Quesadilla
Potato Boats

Soups and Chili

Soup of the day
cup $4 bowl $5

cup $4 Bowl $5. Onions are free.


Dressings: Greek, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Asian, Russian, and Balsamic Vinegar
Add: Chicken ($3), Shrimp ($5), Angus Steak ($4), or Crab Cakes ($5)

South West Salad$12.50
Jalapenos, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, corn, green peppers, and roasted red peppers over a bed of greens and topped with tortilla strips and pepper jack cheese

Chicken Corsica Salad$12.50
Grilled chicken topped with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese over greens

Cobb Salad$12.50
Bacon, tomato, onion, corn, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and bleu cheese crumble over greens

Asian Salad$12.50
Bacon, almonds, tomatoes, and cucumbers over a bed of greens with fried chicken strips and tossed with Asian dressing

Greek Salad$10.50
Olives, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta over greens

Chef Salad$11.50
Roast beef, turkey, and ham rolled up with swiss and a hard-boiled egg over a house salad

Spinach Salad$11.50
Bacon, hard-boiled egg, mushrooms, toasted almonds, and onions over a bed of spinach

Texas Salad$10.50
Fried chicken, bacon, and cheddar over greens, drizzled with BBQ sauce

Buffalo Soldier$10.50
Buffalo chicken over a house salad

Caesar Salad$8.50

House Salad$8 (reg) – $5 (small)
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion

Try any salad in a tortilla, whole wheat, or spinach wrap! We also offer tortilla bowls or pizza.

South West Salad
Cobb Salad
Caesar Salad
Appetizers - Ducktown Tavern and Liquor